Acheronta movebo.

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Lemony Snicket

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You go to school don’t you?

Yeah um, there’s been some confusion about my grade, which grade I’m in, so I’ve kind of been home schooling, without the schooling.  

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it’s where my demons hide

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Because most people will never know anything beyond what they see with their own two eyes.

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Quicksilver + face appreciation

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They will steal the rings from your fingers, and the love from your heart.

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FANGIRL CHALLENGE || (3/5 Pairings) » Melix

↳ “You’re the ugliest person I’ve ever kissed.”

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"Allison and Lydia are sharing a body now, sort of like a 2-in-1 deal?"
Teen Wolf AU → The Oni aren’t supposed to kill humans, they never were. But they did, turning Allison into a fox spirit.

I haven’t seen season 4 yet and I thought this was real before I read the caption and I almost started crying

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- Who in your family are you closest to?
— I would say my mom; I’m a mama’s boy.

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Just watch yourself, okay?
What’s he gonna do? Eat me?

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Ezra Miller recently did an interview/testimonial with a bird crawling aroud on his lap

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  • kira: he looks so young
  • scott: that's because he's the only actor on the show who's actually a teenager

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Rupert Grint in Charlie Countryman as Karl